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Why do we use cookies? uses cookies in order to help us analyse how our website is used, so we continually can improve the user experience. Some of the cookies are also used to help you have an easier login to the website, if you have access to our support or partner areas.

What is a cookie?
A cookie is a data file which websites automatically store on your computer when you visit and use such websites. The cookie is passive and cannot spread computer virus or other malware.

Which cookies do we use?
We use the following types of cookies, Session cookies, Persistent cookies and Google Analytics Cookies. The cookies are delivered by the website, and are used by the following software we use Umbraco, Google Analytics, Vimeo, WOW Analytics, Visual Website Optimizer, Woopra, and SeoMoz.

How long is the cookie stored?
A Session cookie is deleted when you close your browser, and is used to recognise you when you browse around on the website. Persistent cookies are stored on your digital unit and are stored for a period of one or two years.

How do you avoid or delete a cookie?
If you do not wish to accept that store cookies on your computer, you can block all cookies through your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox).

If you wish to delete already stored cookies, please use the following guidelines for the most common browsers:

How to delete cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer
How to delete cookies in Mozilla Firefox browser
How to delete cookies in Google Chrome browser
How to delete cookies in Opera browser
How to delete cookies in Safari browser
How to delete flash cookies (all browsers)

If you use a browser which is not listed above, please feel free to contact us and we will help you with deleting cookies in your browser.

Effective Date: September 19, 2014

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