Introducing the IRIS Dashboard

Systematic is pleased to announce the new IRIS Dashboard, supporting military commanders to make more informed decisions faster.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Military commanders work within stressful, fast-changing circumstances so need to monitor and comprehend vast amounts of data before making decisions, both during military planning and the creation of situational awareness during the execution of operations.IRIS Dashboard 1

Our new solution, the IRIS Dashboard
The key differentiator of the IRIS Dashboard is the ability to view information in a graphical format to quickly gain broader insights and identify issues based on military interoperability standards.

The ability to link historical information with real-time operations data allow stakeholders to naturally focus attention where metrics and indicators are out of bounds and offer insight into trends which might otherwise be invisible.

Benefits of the IRIS DashboardIRIS Dashboard 2
The IRIS Dashboard delivers more timely information by moving away from costly manually intensive methods of integrating and disseminating information.

The IRIS Dashboard provides connectivity to messaging systems, and the use of portal based technology makes it very quick to deploy and provide users with informational views tailored to their specific needs.

Get in touch
IRIS Dashboard is now available in pre-release, and Systematic would like to get in touch with partners and customers who are interested in using the IRIS Dashboard in their projects. The benefits of joining us in the development now is not only early and significant product input but you will also receive early access to the product itself.  

Please contact Defence for further information and learn more about our products.



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