Updates to the IRIS Product Suite

The IRIS product suite has just been updated to ensure they're compliant with the latest 3rd party software and incorporate various customer inputs.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The IRIS products are the defacto market leaders when it comes to support of interoperability needs. IRIS handles formatted messages used for international interoperability by units deployed on international missions as well as routine national message formats used within a nation.

Support for latest Microsoft Windows and Exchange versions

IRIS Organisational Messaging allows organisations to interoperate in a trusted fashion by leveraging the well known and market leading Microsoft Exchange and Outlook platform. Upon customer requests, Systematic is now pleased to announce support also for Outlook 2013, Windows  Server 2012 and Microsoft Exchange 2013. IOM provides an electronic collaboration and communication infrastructure and allows any form of content to be shared. IOM provides out of the box integration not only with common applications such as Microsoft Office, but also to the IRIS Forms/WebForms tools specialized for handling formatted messages.


IOM comes with support for the latest version of IRIS Forms/WebForms, version 4.5 which has also just been released, see separate news story. Systematic is separately working on a new ACP127 gateway that integrates IRIS and the latest Microsoft Exchange version with legacy communication systems. Please contact Systematic if you are interested in further details.


An update to our latest product, IRIS Quick Definer

The key differentiator of IRIS Quick Definer is the ability to quickly develop data capture forms that can be embedded in any C2 or message handling system that embeds the IRIS Forms product. This reduces the ambiguity as IRIS Forms ensures data is captured according to the template defined in IRIS Quick Definer.

IRIS Quick Definer has just been updated upon customer requests for additional field types, definition of longer labels, and the ability to create segments (groups of sets).

IRIS Quick Definer


IRIS Standards Management

IRIS Standards Management is in use by NATO and several nations to maintain international and national interoperability standards. With this latest release, it has been extended to provide USMTF validation checks. Performance has also been improved in various wizards.  Finally, ISM has been updated with a set of security enhancements designed to meet the varied needs related to different customer infrastructures. 

A N Other Screen


All product updates are available free of charge for all customers with a valid maintenance agreement in place.


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