IFAD and Systematic collaboration integrates C2 into military simulation exercises

The collaboration between IFAD, providing training and simulation systems, and Systematic, delivering interoperable command and control solutions, paves the way for situational awareness to simulation systems. The C2 - Simulation Gateway from IFAD bridges the two systems enabling the user to act in his real C2-system based on simulated input.

Press releaseMonday, May 11, 2015

Reduced defence budgets and emphasis on international collaboration and interoperability are just some of the military challenges today. Challenges that put a restraint on live military exercises and call for simulated exercises being more cost efficient than live exercises. The long-standing collaboration between IFAD and Systematic, now formalized in an OEM collaboration agreement, has brought along the development of the C2 - Simulation Gateway (C2 Sim GW) in close collaboration with the Danish Army. The gateway provides a simple integration with Command and Control systems allowing customers with a simulation system to operate with their real C2 solution in simulated exercises.

Read more about the C2 - Simulation Gateway here (pdf)

We have been working closely together with IFAD for many years. The technologies from IFAD within training and simulation and our technologies within SitaWare complement each other and we are delighted to present a concrete collaboration agreement. We believe that together we can give our customers improved educational possibilities based on simulation systems and solutions from our SitaWare suite as we can also offer the gateway now bridging these two systems – put in other words, it is the works


The C2 Sim GW integrates the SitaWare C2 Suite seamlessly into military simulated exercises in a vast majority of simulation systems providing a direct interface to the SitaWare C2 suite – from the tactical edge equipped with SitaWare Edge and Frontline to joint commands using SitaWare Headquarters. Positions from the simulation tool are sent to the C2 Sim GW that “translates” the GPS positions into the SitaWare suite making training for the real world in a simulated universe possible.

“The agreement gives the Danish Army a national industry partnership that provides them with a better and more modern educational environment based on the C4i – and training systems that they already have today. The gateway can be integrated within a short timeframe and the interface is platform and protocol independent adding value also internationally to both existing and new customers“, says Benny Graff Mortensen, President & CEO, IFAD TS.

With the C2 - Simulation Gateway, live systems and simulators are linked into integrated test beds, training environments and distributed simulation exercises. 

Learn more about the C2 - Sim GW (pdf)



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