IRIS Forms and WebForms 5.4 introduces support for VMF messages (MIL-STD-6017C).

Monday, May 8, 2017

Added key capabilities

  • VMF Messages – Create and view VMF messages according to MIL-STD-6017C
  • Send as Email – Send formatted message using Outlook
  • Auto Completion in Value Lists – Type and search for values in value lists
  • Validation Errors in Read Mode – Indication in Read Mode if message contains errors
  • API: Getting and Setting Field Value - Get/Set value by its field position

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VMF Messages

IRIS Forms now supports all VMF messages according to MIL-STD-6017C. This enables creating and viewing VMF messages in the IRIS Forms user interface. VMF messages are also supported in the server/client APIs, which means VMF messages, can be identified, validated and converted to XML via the existing APIs.


Send as Email

The new “Send Mail” functionality makes it very easy to send a formatted message as an email with Outlook. Clicking the “Send Mail” will open Outlook and insert the formatted message in the body of the new email window.



Auto Completion in Value Lists

Finding the right value in a list is now very easy. As the user starts typing in a value list the number of available choices is narrowed down. The auto completion takes both the explanation and the data code into consideration.

W736-IRIS-54-Autocompletion -in -Value -Lists


Validation Errors in Read Mode

Where an opened message contains validation errors, this will now be indicated in Read Mode by showing a warning icon in the header. This makes it very easy for the operator to determine if the message needs to go into an error correction workflow before further processing such as importing the information into a C2 system.

W736-IRIS-54-Error -Indication -in -Read -Mode


API: Getting and Setting Field Value

The API have been extended with two new methods that easily allows to get or set the value of a field. This benefits use cases where parts of the message needs to prepopulated by information from a C2 system. The integration is possible both on the client side using the Integration API or on the server side using the Server API.

Other new Capabilities

Please contact us to get the full overview of the new capabilities in SitaWare Headquarters 6.5.

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Access and availability

IRIS Forms and WebForms 5.4 is available for all IRIS Forms and WebForms maintenance customers.

Get in touch with Systematic Defence Product Support for more information on access and availability.

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