SitaWare Edge 1.6

Navigation on the battlefield is now part of SitaWare Edge; you can easily set any point on the map as a navigation point. Moreover, you can take even more control over the use of the available bandwidth with attachment size limitation in chat.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Added key capabilities in SitaWare Edge 1.6

  • Navigation Mode – navigate on the battlefield 
  • Chat: Attachment Size Limitation – control your network

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Navigation Mode – navigate on the battlefield

SitaWare Edge 1.6 can now assist soldiers to navigate on the battlefield. In the new Navigation Mode, you can set any point on the map as a navigation point. Bearing and distance to the navigation point, as well as a clear map indication, are constantly displayed. This will make navigation easier for soldiers and allow them to keep eyes on the enemy and not on the map.
W850-Edge -navigation -mode


Attachment Size limitation -control your network

System administrators can now set a maximum size for attachments in chat. This increases your control of bandwidth and helps administrators in prioritizing the kind of information that is important to share. 

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Access and availability

SitaWare Edge 1.6 is available for all SitaWare Edge maintenance customers.

Get in touch with Systematic Defence Product Support for more information on access and availability.

About SitaWare Edge

SitaWare Edge is an Android based battle management system for the dismounted commander at the tactical edge. Designed for operational simplicity it provides the commander with fast and clear friendly force tracking (FFT) picture, shared tactical situation and latest intelligence overlays thereby enhancing force protection.

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