SitaWare Frontline 1.12

Maintain situational awareness while using any of the applications in SitaWare Frontline thanks to its restyled side panel menu. Also, display deployed units according to echelon level and map scale using Unit Zoom and Aggregation. This and much more in the newly released SitaWare Frontline 1.12.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Added key capabilities in SitaWare Frontline 1.12

  • Side Panel Menus - maintain situational awareness
  • Unit and Zoom Aggregation – display units according to echelon level and map scale
  • Operational Status – access and visualise the operational capacity of deployed units
  • Honesty Trace Display – Analyse your units movements to avoid setting patterns

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Side panel menu

Use any of the applications in SitaWare Frontline, chat or send structured messages while having a clear view of your digital map to stay updated at the same time. SitaWare Frontline now opens a side panel menu next to the map. This helps you maintain situational awareness without switching between different views on your system and it can help improve your ability to operate faster.

Avoid going map-blind

The applications are now more conveniently located in a side panel, which allows you to handle your communications while maintaining situational awareness through the digital map.

Fast and intuitive structured messaging and chat

The way you e.g. fill in structured messages and use chat is now more intuitive than ever, making it faster and less error-prone to carry out your vital communications. Chat and send structured messages such as MEDEVAC, Patrol Reports, IED reports, and Battle Damage Assessments in which you can concentrate on the information you fill in – not on how you should fill it in.

Improve message quality

Another advantage of having the map and chat/structured messages visible simultaneously is the ability to read a message whilst checking its content against positions on the map. In the same way, it allows you to check that you have entered the position(s) correctly in the message you are about to send.

Fl -111-chat -in -side -panel -800px -1-Iris -in -frontline -800px


Unit and Zoom Aggregation 

Automatically aggregate Friendly Force Track (FFT) units and subsequently display these units by echelon level and map scale. Now you can monitor units at all relevant echelon levels based on your predefined settings. This will allow a quick and precise overview of your units deployed on the battlefield.

W 736-automatic -unit -aggregation


Operational Status

Retrieve and visualise own and subordinates’ operational status in order to qualify your tactical decisions. With configurable status dimensions and the ability to view status for all friendly units, you will instantly have a clear overview of your operational capacity, ultimately promoting sound tactical decisions and operational success.W850-Frontline -Operational -Status


Honesty Trace Display

Replay recorded movements of own and other units on the digital map using different colours for highlighting defined time-periods. This gives you a clear overview of where your soldiers have been moving and is an effective tool for avoiding setting patterns that your enemy can use. The Honesty Trace Display in SitaWare Frontline can use standard GPX format (such as the one used by Garmin) as well as SitaWare’s own format.
W850-Frontline -Honesty -Trace -2

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Access and availability

SitaWare Frontline 1.12 is available for all SitaWare Frontline maintenance customers.

Get in touch with Systematic Defence Product Support for more information on access and availability. 

About SitaWare Frontline

SitaWare Frontline is a Battle Management System that addresses real world Command and Control challenges at the frontline. It offers clarity, simplicity and high performance to commanders in tough environments, where situational awareness with rapid updates of friendly force tracking is essential, and has been built with deployment and management in mind.

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