SitaWare Supports Bulgarian Army Demonstration

A recent SitaWare demonstration for the Bulgarian Army is the perfect example of how Systematic's command and control and battle management solutions is hardware agnostic, but also interoperable with allied forces.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Systematic’s suite of SitaWare advanced command-and-control (C2) and battle management solutions has successfully supported a live C2 demonstration for the Bulgarian Army.

Operating for the first time with the BNET communications system – an advanced internet protocol-based Software Defined Radio (SDR) developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems – SitaWare Headquarters and SitaWare Frontline delivered the tactical scenario, which was held in late February. The event involved a comprehensive scenario demonstrating the dynamic re-tasking of military objectives in a representative mission that centered on the capture of a high-value target in a fast-paced tactical operation, including multinational interoperability and information sharing between NATO allies.

Due to SitaWare’s unique open architecture, no development or integration work was required to enable the suite to operate on the BNET radios, which are Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) capable.

“SitaWare performed flawlessly on the Rafael BNET radios, requiring no integration or adaptation,” says Paul Fielding, a Senior Manager Business Development at the Systematic U.K. office, adding “SitaWare was intuitive and quick for the Bulgarian Army to learn, and to operate in the military scenario in just a couple of days - both from the headquarters and from the vehicles.”

Eleven BNET radio nodes were utilized across a headquarters and multiple vehicles, with a variety of data and information shared between the participants, including the common operating picture, tactical chat messages, plans, and logistics information, as well as voice and up to 7 video streams in parallel.

The vehicles were equipped with the SitaWare Frontline battle management system, which provides Friendly Force Tracking (FFT) information to all units and an automatically updated situational awareness picture that features the disposition of forces, danger areas, points of interest, and intelligence on an enemy. Further functionality includes tactical chat, support for high performance mapping – without the need for a map server – and the ability to make and display plans directly on the touchscreen interface.

The scenario was conducted in challenging weather conditions in and around the town of Karlovo in central Bulgaria, with urban, wooded, and mountainous terrain. Bulgarian Army personnel staffed the headquarters and vehicle-based units and followed standard operating procedures.

The operating environment precluded direct line of sight communications which benefitted from the SitaWare Tactical Communications (STC) support for low bandwidth and dynamic routing over multiple ‘hops’ to enable communications to be maintained between units.

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