SitaWare Provides Common Operating Picture at JWA 21

Systematic’s SitaWare software enabled interoperability and command and control (C2) during the recent U.S.-led Joint Warfighting Assessment 21 (JWA 21). (Photo Credit-- U.S Army Photo)

Monday, July 19, 2021

“SitaWare’s proven ability to share data and communicate across coalition standards is absolutely vital for joint all-domain operations and improved decision-making on the battlefield,” said Rafael Torres, Jr., Systematic, Inc. president. “Equipping our warfighters with this capability will ensure they outpace our nation’s adversaries while providing greater force protection.”

Held in Colorado, Hawaii and Washington, JWA 21 was a multinational exercise that was conducted in live, virtual and constructed environments. The event replicated missions across all domains with particular focus on enhanced coalition network interoperability and shared situational awareness. U.S. forces were joined by elements from Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Through use of SitaWare Headquarters, exercise participants benefitted from a detailed Common Operating Picture (COP) and the ability to share mission information. The U.S. Army contingent, led by the 4th Infantry Division, used the SitaWare Headquarters-based Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE), while coalition partners utilized other iterations of the standard SitaWare Headquarters.


During JWA 21, SitaWare Headquarters and CPCE were able to draw, display and manage simulated data from a number of sources including Link 16, NATO Friendly Force Information and Air Tasking Orders/Airspace Control Orders. C2 information composed within the systems was shared between participants. SitaWare also shared and received data with various external systems. 


Click here for a US Army article on JWA 21.

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