From Awareness to Action

It is essential to have the right tools to plan and execute military operations - as well as manage battlespace parameters such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) inputs and logistics. Commanders need information that gives them the best possible picture of what is happening at any given time, in order to make effective decisions.

Multi-national operations are becoming the rule rather than the exception, from peacekeeping to combat, and from crisis management to counter-insurgency. Any forces taking part in these kinds of operations have to be able to communicate with their partners. Effective information exchange, regardless of the origin and regardless of the equipment, is essential. Orders, reports and returns have to flow back and forth quickly through complex multinational command structures and comply with different rules of engagement in different places and at different times.

Systematic is a leading supplier of military command and control solutions for defense forces throughout the world. The SitaWare suite of software products is a reliable, cost-effective off-the-shelf command and control solution designed to put information where your forces need it most.



Extendability Built-in

SitaWare solutions provide consistent, scalable frameworks for information management systems for both military and semi-military organizations. Using the same core at all levels ensures seamless integration right from HQ to the individual vehicle and soldier, providing complete command and control.

Proven Success

SitaWare-based command and control solutions have a rapidly growing customer base. They have been purchased for use in both national and multinational operations in almost 20 countries throughout the world.

Easy to Deploy

We designed SitaWare so you can roll out new C2 set-ups quickly, smoothly and inexpensively. You benefit from rapid deployment of a well-proven, standardized product, with the added advantage of low service life costs. The costs of both training and maintenance are also exceptionally low, which means SitaWare products deliver incomparable value for money.





SitaWare Headquarters

SitaWare Frontline 

SitaWare Edge


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