SitaWare Edge is our new simple, lightweight, easy to use Android software designed for the dismounted domain. SitaWare Edge is part of the SitaWare Suite, which is compliant with the latest standards, making it fully interoperable with other systems, coalition partners and NATO member countries. When deployed in an operational theater, SitaWare Edge can be used with SitaWare Frontline and SitaWare Headquarters to provide a unified C2 system from the tactical edge to the highest levels of command.

Systematic SitaWare Edge

Simplified C2 for the Tactical Edge

SitaWare Edge is specifically designed for the dismounted commander at the tactical edge. Its operational simplicity provides the commander with fast and clear friendly force tracking (FFT) picture, tactical situation and latest intelligence overlays thereby enhancing force protection. With the ability to exchange tactical command layers, complex maneuvers can be quickly illustrated on the map and shared with subordinates via tactical data communication, thus saving valuable voice time and speeding up operation execution.

SitaWare Edge - Product Highlights

  • Designed for small, lightweight Android devices
  • Supports both 4" and 7" touchscreens
  • Friendly Force Tracking
  • Situational awareness and tactical reporting 
  • Exchange tactical command sketches
  • View intelligence pictures
  • View plans/orders overlays
  • Data communications over existing tactical radios
  • Coalition interoperability


SitaWare EDGE

Contemporary Android smart phones and tablets are the ideal platforms for bringing digital command and control to dismounted commander at the tactical edge. They finally solve the size, weight and power issue that is so crucial for a practical dismounted solution. And SitaWare Edge is the software that brings it all together. SitaWare Edge is designed to make to most of both smaller Android SmartPhone devices and medium size tablet devices.
Not even for a second do we imagine that any digital device can ever replace the effectiveness and real-time feedback of human voice communication. But as the old saying goes, sometimes a picture paints a thousand words – and that’s what SitaWare Edge is all about. Communicating in a simple picture, a friendly force picture, an intelligence picture, a battle situation, or commanding a complex tactical manoeuvre that would otherwise have taken a 1000 words and thus several minutes to explain and verify using human voice alone. That’s were SitaWare Edge becomes a force multiplier.
SitaWare Edge is designed as a native Android app working exactly the way you would expect. If you’re familiar with Android devices you will feel right at home with SitaWare Edge and be able to use it proficiently within minutes. We know that when you are at the tactical edge, having tools that are simple and familiar to use is absolutely essential.
SitaWare Edge is built on the same technology and infrastructure as the rest of the SitaWare product suite. That means that SitaWare Edge has the same high performance data communication over low-bandwidth tactical radios and the same rich interoperability capabilities as the rest of the SitaWare suite. Capabilities that are already tried and tested through numerous international deployments and exercises. And best of all – it works with the radios you already have.
We know that delivering a capability is not just about delivering software, but about supplying a complete solution that fits customer requirements, whether that includes hardware, cabling, batteries, carrying vest or the tools for deployment and maintenance. SitaWare Edge is available both as a complete ready-to-use solution and as software component ready for integration into an already existing infrastructure of choice.
Recognising that IT specialists are always in short supply in any mission deployment, we introduced a whole new approach to deployment of mobile software systems when we introduced SitaWare Frontline two years ago. What would have taken days and months using traditional installation procedures, takes just a few hours using the SitaWare Frontline approach.
SitaWare Edge is delivered with the same set of deployment tools as SitaWare Frontline, making deployment simple and straight forward. And if you need to deploy both SitaWare Edge and SitaWare Frontline, this can be done in just one workflow, ensuring that all devices, whether mounted or dismounted, share a common network and data configuration. SitaWare Edge is a full-fledged member of the SitaWare suite of products,
providing an unmatched integrated command and control capability from the high-level national headquarters all the way down to the dismounted soldier at the tactical edge, enabling the sharing of commands, situations and friendly force information throughout the command chain. And with SitaWare’s unrivalled interoperability capability you can even share situational information with coalition partners as well as government and NGO organisations.
Building a dismounted system is not about developing the most advanced and feature rich application – it’s about understanding the real world constraints of the soldier’s environment and providing a simple to use, yet extremely effective solution at the tactical edge - that’s what SitaWare Edge is all about.

SitaWare EDGE

SitaWare Edge is a brand new addition to the SitaWare suite of C2 products, bringing command, control, and situational awareness right into the palm of your hand.



SitaWare Edge - Key Features

  • Extremely simple to use - takes minutes to learn
  • Superior situational awareness on Android devices
  • Optimized tactical communication for high refresh rates on friendly force tracks
  • Uses same easy-to-use deployment tools as SitaWare Frontline. Configure and deploy both systems in one workflow.

SitaWare Edge uses SitaWare Tactical Communication (STC) - a network protocol optimized for low bandwidth, high latency tactical radio data communication supporting IP as well non-IP radios. STC is shared between SitaWare Edge (dismounted), SitaWare Frontline (mounted) and SitaWare Headquarters systems, thus establishing networked command and control and shared situational awareness all the way from higher headquarters right down to the dismounted commander at the tactical edge.

SitaWare Edge is part of the SitaWare suite of C2 products supporting a wide range of contemporary interoperability standards, making it fully interoperable with NATO and coalition partners.

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