SitaWare C2 Server

Rapid Enabling

The SitaWare Headquarters C2 Server is a rapidly deployable, off-the-shelf enabler for building C2 applications. It provides an open platform based on the principles of Service Orientated Architecture. Using SitaWare C2 Server Web Services, users can develop custom C2 applications specific to their needs and requirements, for instance to build and display a single unified Common Operational Picture.

Being based on Service Orientated Architecture principles, the SitaWare C2 Server makes it easy to integrate many different specialist systems, off-the-shelf products and legacy installations.

The SitaWare C2 Server is also available with SitaWare MIP Replication for sharing operational data with partner nations using the MIP DEM standard and, of course, it works easily alongside other SitaWare C2 products, including SitaWare Headquarters.

Planning for the future
SitaWare C2 Server is a high-performance, scalable package that provides platform independent services, making it ideal for use by systems integrators and developers, as well as by military customers responsible for the C2 architectures of the future.

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