Managing the Communication Flow

Being able to pass orders and reports back and forth is the cornerstone of all military operations. Interoperability between nations, services and equipment is a mission critical factor. To get any task dealt with correctly, everyone concerned has to be able to rely on messages being delivered to the right parts of the organization quickly. It’s also important to place information within data structures that help recipients understand the contents clearly, so the right action can be taken.

Systematic military messaging solutions are the de facto standard for defense forces throughout the world, with more than 100,000 users in over 40 countries worldwide. IRIS products provide you with combat-proven messaging capabilities, with all the benefits of 15+ years of practical, problem-busting experience built in.



Ensuring Compliance with Military Standards

The IRIS suite of software products also helps you make sure that information flowing within and between organizations matches the constantly evolving standards used for electronic communication between nations and across different systems. IRIS ensures messaging data is compliant with international standards (such as USMTF and ADatP-3) and provides extensive user support to reduce errors.

Automated Data Processing

Military command and control systems have to be capable of automatically processing the information received in the form of reports and messages, so that this constant flow of new data can be merged into databases and displayed on maps and other visual platforms - and IRIS products provide the messaging infrastructure to make this happen.


IRIS Products for Operational Users:

IRIS Forms

IRIS Organisational Messaging

IRIS Standards Management

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