SitaWare Insight

SitaWare Insight decision tool transforms data collection and management into valuable military intelligence, and provides commanders with advanced storage, compute,and analytic capabilities.




Respond to intelligence needs

Integrating the operations, JISR, and intelligence cycles, SitaWare Insight delivers critical intelligence faster.


Quickly identify and react to threats

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automated processing speeds up intel analysis and dissemination.


Enable multi-domain operations

Domain and coalition interoperability protocols enable instant sensor to effector intelligence-sharing.




                           Key benefits


Data is the ammunition of the future and is increasingly central to effective command-and-control (C2). An ever-increasing number of sensors and tracking systems are able to supply gigabytes of data in a constant flow. Processing the data and turning it into situational awareness, understanding of the environment, identification of patterns and sharing knowledge is essential for delivering decision support to the commander and staff at all levels.

SitaWare Insight extends the SitaWare Headquarters C4ISR system and enhances the user's intelligence requirements management (IRM) and collection management (CM) capabilities, making it easy to store and retrieve information from multiple sources.

SitaWare Insight is designed to bring big-data storage, processing, analysis, and dissemination to the SitaWare suite, thereby supporting intelligence staff procedures and significantly enhancing the overall command-and-control capability of the suite.

Manage the full intelligence cyrcle

SitaWare Insight delivers an integrated management of the IRM & CM processes.


Data fabric with federated search

The data fabric enables collection, processing, search and dissemination of all types of intelligence data.

Disseminate the Recognised Picture

Following analysis and exploitation of the intelligence data, the RIP can be shared throughout the network.

Coalition interoperability

SitaWare Insight complies with NATO Federated Mission Networking (FMN) requirements for intel interoperability.

Leveraging artificial intelligence

The solution comes with AI models for intelligence exploitation and supports custom 3rd party models.

Open and scalable architecture

The cloud-native architecture of SitaWare Insight ensures a scalable, future-proof, and secure solution.

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