The IRIS Suite has revolutionised military messaging and interoperability in modern defence forces with its range of off-the-shelf software products. The software suite is combat proven and has become the de-facto standard in NATO member nations for interoperability and military messaging using agreed international Message Text Format (MTF) standards.

IRIS has been in-service for more than 30 years and is used by more than 100,000 military operators in over 40 nations as part of numerous Command & Control (C2) and Military Messaging Handling Systems (MMHS).




Software for military messaging and interoperability


W988 IRIS Threemonitor


The IRIS software suite provides strong military messaging and interoperability capabilities directly off-the-shelf. It integrates seamlessly into standard products, such as Microsoft office, to provide a user-friendly framework for drafting, editing and sending military messages.
The product suite for the military operator comprises IRIS Forms, IRIS Military Mail and IRIS Standards Management.

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IRIS Forms provides a simple, structured method for preparing and validating military messages, orders and reports following NATO, US or national standards. With its modern and intuitive user-interface, military messaging has never been easier.
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IRIS Organisational Messaging

IRIS Miliraty Mail Logo 316X100px

IRIS Military Mail is a Microsoft Outlook plugin that upgrades Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange to a complete military message handling infrastructure. It gives you full support for military operating procedures.
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IRIS Standard Management Logo 316X232

IRIS Standards Management defines, manages and analyses a range of structured information standards used in military systems to ensure great interoperability between different systems and with coalition partners.
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IRIS provides off-the-shelf-products for systems integrators to easily and cost effectively incorporate MTF interoperability into Command & Control and Military Message Handling Systems. The product suite for developers and systems integrators comprises IRIS Forms Server, IRIS Information Mapping and IRIS MTF Gateway.

W316 IRIS Forms Server

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IRIS Forms Server provides low-level MTF processing capabilities including a complete validation of a MTF and converting a MTF to a XML-MTF.
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Systematic IRIS Information Mapping

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IRIS Information Mapping makes it easy for systems integrators to create data mappings that provide an information bridge between military C2 and messaging systems.
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W316 IRIS MTF Gateway

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IRIS MTF Gateway enables C2 systems integrators to extract tracks and geographic information from several versions of APP-11 and OTH Gold using data mappings.
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Which level of technical information processing does your project require?

Each of the three IRIS products for system integrators assists the processing of MTFs and extraction of information at different technical levels. This means that you can cover the exact level of technical information processing required in your project, just as the different IRIS products enable you to adjust the development effort within the project.

IRIS_MTF_Data _mapping _v2




IRIS Suite


Straightforward, consistent information

For mission critical operations, ambiguous information must be avoided. The war-fighter lack the time to manually digest facts that could be better processed automatically by computer. The IRIS suite of software ensures that information is exchanged in a straightforward consistent manner without ambiguity.
The IRIS Software Development Kit empowers developers to integrate message-based interoperability into their own applications.

Cost efficiency

Continuous compliance with standards through IRIS reduces the through life cost of systems and solutions. Furthermore, it is highly cost efficient to use IRIS products as building blocks, compared to developing bespoke solutions, for the complex handling of structured data, messaging and interoperability. This is particularly the case for systems that need to support several message types and stay updated on a regularly basis to follow the evolving interoperability and message standards.

Focus on your core business

Major systems integrators worldwide use IRIS products to save time and development hours. By using IRIS, they focus on their area of expertise while IRIS provides the underlying interoperability. Additionally, the IRIS products are thoroughly field-proven and certified and available off-the-shelf now, minimising project risks.

Attractive business model

IRIS requires a limited investment in development licenses and support during system development. This means that the investment in operational licences can be deferred until the end-customer has purchased the system and starts to deploy. This has proven to be a very attractive business model for many of our partners.

Keep standard compliance

IRIS keeps solutions and systems compliant to standards and minimises the impact of the frequent standard updates. It provides a uniform interface to various standards and the same APIs are used for different standards and versions, e.g. USMTF 2000, ADatP-3 Baseline 11 and APP-11(D)(1).


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