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World leader in formatted military messages

IRIS Forms and IRIS WebForms are world-leading, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products used by many nations in their command and control (C2) and military message handling systems (MMHS) for working with formatted messages (MTFs). They are used in over 40 nations by more than 100.000 users.


Full compliance with standards

IRIS Forms and IRIS WebForms offer full compliance with the complete message catalogue from NATO ADatP-3/APP11 as well as USMTF, OTH-T GOLD, and ASMTF standards in both traditional slash-delimited and XML-MTF formats. This makes IRIS Forms and IRIS WebForms a perfect fit in a highly interoperable environment for Orders, Reports, Requests and Situational Awareness Information on multiple tactical levels in Air, Land and Maritime Services.



IRIS Webforms Read Mode

Optimized reading experience

IRIS Forms and IRIS WebForms come with a compact reader-friendly mode that displays only the parts of the message that have been filled-in. This provides the reader with a much better overview of the message content. Furthermore, the Search Option and Table of Contents provide quick and easy access to the specific message elements.


Assists users preparing messages that comply with standards

IRIS Forms and IRIS WebForms automatically generate a form from any of the loaded message standard definitions. The form gives the user a rapid overview of which sections and fields are mandatory. As the user fills in the form, the content is continuously validated making the user immediately aware of any input errors. Comprehensive help for both individual fields and message sections is always instantly available. The help text is automatically loaded from the message definition provided with the appropriate standard.


IRIS Webforms Edit Mode With Errors Indicators


W988 IRIS Template Management

Customise NATO and US message templates

Do rich customizations of message templates with the Template Management application; e.g. hide and rename elements in the template as well as change the help text. This allows for better adaptation to specific national needs/terminology or to simplify complex message templates so they are better suited for the user. Even extensive customization such as hiding and renaming a long list of elements will now not alter the underlying MTF format, which means that interoperability between nations or systems is maintained.


Two environments – two versions

IRIS Forms is a stand-alone application installed on individual computers while IRIS WebForms is a client-server solution with a server-only installation and thin web based clients downloaded from the server via a web browser. The functionality and user interface of IRIS Forms and IRIS WebForms are identical. This reduces the training burden on users when switching platforms.



Easily integrated into C2 and message handling systems

IRIS Forms and IRIS WebForms come with a comprehensive library of APIs that allows integration into 3rd party systems with minimal effort. For further information, please see IRIS Forms SDK description.


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