Electronic communication is the lifeblood of virtually every modern organization – defense forces are no exception. But standard corporate e-mail and instant messaging tools don’t live up to military requirements for sending information between organizations and roles rather than between named individuals.

IRIS Organisational Messaging

A Complete Military Email Infrastructure

IRIS Organizational Messaging provides a complete military message handling infrastructure, based on the well-known Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft® Exchange®, augmented with full support for military operating procedures.

Military information has to be allocated and delivered on the basis of tasks, ranks and positions rather than people’s names, and security concerns have to be dealt with.

IRIS Organizational Messaging - Product Highlights:

  • Based on familiar Microsoft Windows email interface
  • Combines organizational and Personal email in a single interface
  • Automatic profiling and routing of messages based on content
  • Secure message transfer using security labels and certificates
  • Scalable solution, where national MMHS can be established and evolved in increments

Familiar tools – optimized for military uses
This software significantly extends the familiar capabilities of the software so these can be easily used in military environments. It also makes sure key information doesn’t end in the wrong place by mistake or get lost.

This is done by configuring IRIS Organizational Messaging to enforce the procedures used in your particular organization. Messages are passed smoothly through command structures before being released to the appropriate recipients, and incoming messages are sent to the appropriate recipients for action. All message handling is based on roles within a specific organization.

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