All Armed Forces have one overall important issue at the top of their agenda when engaging in today’s armed conflicts: force protection. Knowledge on the exact location of your own troops and any coalition troops in your area of operational interest, faster and with more accuracy than enemy forces, is the key factor in force protection.

Systematic SitaWare Frontline

Tactical Situational Awareness

SitaWare Frontline is a breakthrough in battle control software that offers clarity, simplicity and high performance that addresses real world command and control challenges at the frontline. It has been designed by and for frontline commanders in tough environments, where a clear operational view with rapid updates of friendly force tracking (FFT) is absolutely essential and has been built with deployment and in-theater management in mind.

SitaWare Frontline - Product Highlights

  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Situational awareness and tactical reporting
  • Easy and user friendly deployment and maintenance
  • Ready for both mounted and dismounted use
  • Flexible change of vehicle without any configuration
  • Speeds up and supports the military decision making process
  • Tactical communication over existing radio and communication networks
  • Open architecture for easy sensor integration


Battle Management - Systematic SitaWare Frontline

A breakthrough in battle management software is here: SitaWare Frontline offers clarity, simplicity and high-performance that address real world “Command & Control” challenges at the frontline.
SitaWare Frontline’s capabilities have been proven in the very real world of frontline operations. Here you’ll see SitaWare Frontline’s capabilities demonstrated through simulator software from eSim Games.
Our unit is tasked with Operation Venus, an escorting mission transporting water purification equipment to villages in the nearby area.
The unit is equipped with SitaWare Frontline from Systematic’s suite of C2 software.
All vehicles are seen in the Friendly Force Tracking picture. SitaWare Frontline uses low bandwidth tactical radios, the vehicles positions are refreshed in near real time.
Each friendly force track is also seen in SitaWare Headquarters at the command post. The friendly force track also displays the call sign of the commanders in each vehicle.”
Suddenly the front vehicle is struck by an IED.
The number two vehicle immediately sends a distress ‘Contact IED message’ it automatically contains information on the damaged vehicles exact position and unit involved.
Also the commander reports the incident using SitaWare Frontline reporting tools
It is distributed automatically to all units in the radio network.
Including in the command post using SitaWare Headquarters
Approaching hostile light vehicles are observed by the units.
Seeing the incoming threat the observer immediately reports the enemies in SitaWare Frontline.
The units secure the area to protect the damaged vehicle.
The commander receives the enemy report.
He immediately uses his Command Layer in SitaWare Frontline, and quickly sketches his tactical plan and thereby saving valuable voice time commanding his vehicles on the fly.
The command layer is quickly sent to all units in the mission or to anyone at the commander’s choice by selecting recipients.”
The vehicles now move into the ordered positions and start observing against the hostile activity.
The Commander uses his Laser-Range-Finder to point out the hostile targets. SitaWare Frontline has been integrated with the vehicle sensors and weapon system - so that the turret position and Laser-Range-Finder both can be seen on the map.
The units start engaging the enemy with their weapon systems.
After the incoming threat has been neutralized the commander reports the enemy as destroyed.
So that everyone in the unit can see that the threat no longer exists.
In the meantime the commander has identified the Landing Zone and has filled in and sent his 9-liner MEDEVAC request to Headquarter.
Here the staff using SitaWare Headquarters, can take this information and request a helicopter.
He has used the predefined structured message template in SitaWare Frontline which stats all the necessary information about the needed evacuation including LZ for the helicopter.
In order to secure the scene and secure a landing site for the evacuation helicopter, and in order to hold back any other hostile combatants, the commander now quickly commands his troops to take up supporting positions from where he can better secure the potentially hot LZ.
The vehicles move into position from where they can better secure the LZ and observe against any hostile activity.
As with the Friendly Force Tracks the situational picture also appears in a shared layer, so that everyone in the network has access to reported incidents and are able to continuously update these reports as their status evolve during the operation.
The MEDEVAC helicopter arrives from the West. The helicopter lands at the designated LZ to evacuate the wounded soldier.
The commander of the struck vehicle transfers to another vehicle.
Thanks to SitaWare Frontline’s two part solution, the commander will still have his orders and plans on his memory device.
Once connected in the new vehicle; his situational picture will automatically be updated.
This transfer is accomplished without any reconfiguring of the tactical network.
After the incident the unit will continue and secure the area for the engineers to move in and clear the passage and search for any other devices before the unit can continue the escort.
SitaWare Frontline is inspired, designed and tested by those who serve in combat … and SitaWare Frontline’s capabilities have been proven in the real world of frontline operations.

Battle Management - Systematic SitaWare Frontline

Victory in today's conflicts is partly dependent on the ability to outmanoeuvre enemy forces by providing and receiving information on them faster and with more accuracy than they are able to do on you, so providing a solid basis for making the right decision at the right time.Focusing on the essentials and basics of battle management, SitaWare Frontline has an intuitive interface that makes easy to understand and simple to operate, even in physically cramped conditions. The new system has been developed for use on touch screen devices, and has so far been successfully tested on screens down to 8-inches



SitaWare Frontline has a unique two part design: a user application containing the battle control system, and a vehicle application which interfaces with existing communications equipment, onboard management systems and sensors. This enables users to plan and execute missions in both static and mobile environments, easily implement change of location of command and, if necessary, destroy mission data in an emergency; while the separate vehicle application both simplifies both the installation and upgrading of the vehicle software.

SitaWare Frontline - Key Features

  • High FFT Update Rate
  • Simple Vehicle Transfers
  • IP and non IP Radio Support
  • Optimized for Small Displays
  • Small Software Footprint
  • Optimized Tactical Communication

The SitaWare Frontline battle management system is part of the SitaWare Suite of software, which is compliant with the latest standards, making it fully interoperable with other systems, coalition partners and NATO member countries. It works together with SitaWare Headquarters to provide a unified command and control system from the frontline to the highest level of command.



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