Sitaware Coaliton Gateway W988


Compliance with civilian and military interoperability standards

SitaWare Headquarters offers the right solution to your interoperability challenges. In order to fulfill information exchange requirements, the right solutions are needed - and that is why SitaWare Headquarters has been developed specifically with a strong focus on the interoperability capability. The result is that SitaWare Headquarters offers tried and tested support for a wide range of civilian and military interoperability standards through its built-in Coalition Gateway. This allows friendly force tracking, situational overviews, plans, orders, reports and returns to flow quickly back and forth between complex joint and multinational command structures.

Sitaware Coalition Gateway

SitaWare Coalition Gateway offers reliable information exchange with coalition partners regardless of data origin or equipment used. At the same time, it can also act as a gateway between other nations within the coalition network.  



SitaWare Coalition Gateway

Built-in support for both coalition and joint interoperability standards

SitaWare Coalition Gateway is your hub for interoperability. Fully integrated into SitaWare Headquarters, it offers support for a wide range of modern military and civilian data communication standards, ensuring full interoperability across joint environments and with your coalition partners.

Sitaware Coaliton Gateway


Interoperability based on more than 20+ years of operational experience

The interoperability features in SitaWare Headquarters are based on Systematic Inc.'s 20+ years experience of providing interoperability to our customers. Systematic Inc.'s team of interoperability experts are ready to assist in solving our customer's interoperability challenges. While our experts are handling coalition interoperability challenges, our customers are able to focus on their main tasks during exercises and deployment.

Contact us to learn how we can assist you in achieving coalition interoperability. 

Military interoperability; an obstacle for many nations

Military interoperability often proves to be a seemingly impossible challenge. Despite heavy investment, many nations (and their corresponding military Command and Control systems) lack the capability to effectively interoperate on both joint and coalition/allied levels. Interoperability is simply not an option in many customized, stovepipe C4I systems.

This lack of military interoperability can quickly become critical. Exercises and operations, that are increasingly carried out in joint, multinational environments, make the requirement for reliable information exchange regardless of data origin or equipment used, a necessity.

At Systematic Inc., we have over 20 years of experience in solving military and civilian interoperability. Contact our team of interoperability experts and let us help solve your information exchange challenges.



Top-to-Bottom C4I Solution

SitaWare provides a top-to-bottom solution from the highest echelons right down to the tactical edge, increasing mission effectiveness. The applications and user interfaces are specifically tailored for the operational environments at each level, providing a coherent and shared data model across all platforms.

SitaWare Headquarters can be seamlessly integrated with all other Systematic products for Command and Control and battle management. Its open architecture allows for customized extensions and integration with legacy and third party systems.

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