Real Time Collaborative Planning W600


Military planning typically requires a large number of staff to collaborate in real-time in order to produce and synchronize different elements of the plan.

The Collaborative Planning capability in SitaWare Headquarters is a multi-user military planning support tool that facilitates this real-time collaboration by allowing commanders and their staff to concurrently author and instantly share the different plan elements and contextual information products. These tools have been proven in numerous operations and exercises to significantly reduce the military planning cycle time, and allow staff to react quickly to changes in circumstances, assumptions or objectives.




Support For Diverse Information Tools W736

Support for Diverse Information Products

SitaWare Headquarters allows plan elements to be organied in a hierarchical structure. SitaWare Headquarters provides tools for editing plan texts, overlays and task organisation, but other information products, such as Microsoft Office documents, images, and videos – in fact any other type of file – may be imported into the plan structure. 


Collaborative Text Editing

The real-time collaborative text editor in SitaWare Headquarters Plan Manager allows several staff members to edit the same plan text simultaneously from different computers. Edits from any staff member are instantly reflected on all computers so that everyone always sees the same version of the plan text. There is also support for workflow management using completion indicators that show the progress of individual textual elements of the plan as well as indicators of the plan’s overall approval state.

Plan Text Editor W736


Task Organisation W736

Task Organization

SitaWare Headquarters supports multiple task organizations for a single military plan. Task organizations can be assembled from the Order of Battle (ORBAT), from task organizations in other plans or from scratch, and may include attachments and detachments.


Support for Distributed Teams

Because the SitaWare Headquarters Plan Manager is a browser-based application, staff members from different sites may easily access the same plan as long as they have network connectivity and appropriate access rights. Complete plans may also be exchanged between sites using SitaWare Chat or regular email.


STANAG-2014 Compliance

The SitaWare Headquarters Plan Manager facilitates compliance with STANAG 2014, NATO’s standard format for written orders that specifies order types, contents, properties, classifications, structures and numbering schemes. SitaWare Headquarters can also be configured to support national/doctrine specific order formats and structures.


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