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SitaWare Headquarters is an operationally proven C4I system and used by more than 15 nations. SitaWare Headquarters offers comprehensive and easy-to-use capabilities combined with an unmatched interoperability through support for modern military and civilian data exchange standards. Its open architecture and public interfaces allow for customized extensions and integration with legacy and third-party systems. Combined with SitaWare Frontline (Battle Management System) and SitaWare Edge (dismounted system), SitaWare Headquarters offers an integrated C4I system, allowing all levels of command to have shared situational awareness and coordinate operational actions.


Real Time Collaborative Planning 1

Collaborative Military Planning

Speed up the planning process by allowing multiple staff officers to simultaneously edit the plan text and overlays. The real-time collaborative editor allows for simultaneous edits on the entirety of a plan document, instantly merging and synchronizing changes to all users.

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Picture Management

Establish a filtered view of available information of interest pertinent to a task and role. Pictures can be created centrally and made available to all users, allowing individual users to open the pictures relevant to their function and current task. A picture can contain and organize all kinds of information available regardless of their origin and type.

Picture Management Dummy3



Shared Situation Awareness V2


Shared Situational Awareness

Automatically share situational pictures with subordinate and superior units through automated exchange of reports, tactical sensor data, and amplifying information.

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Fast Search

Use incremental search to quickly find and locate any battlespace object on the map.

Filters & Highlights

Create advanced filters based on attributes, location, dynamics, and time - highlighting the exact information needed, such as contacts of interest and levels of abstraction.

Guards & Alerts

Apply automated conditional guards on both zones and individual tracks, and get notified if and when the guard rules are breached.



Sitaware Coalition Gateway


Extensive Interoperability with Allied and Coalition Partners

SitaWare Headquarters is the gateway to allied and coalition interoperability. It offers tried and tested support for a wide range of military and civilian interoperability standards. This allows friendly force tracks, recognized situational pictures, plans, orders, and more to flow quickly back and forth between complex multinational command structures.



Video lightbox

Tactical Communications with Mobile Units

Headquarters staff and commanders in the field can exchange friendly force tracks, tactical reports, orders, commands, and messages over low bandwidth tactical radio networks and even across subnets.

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Chat with Attachments

Get your message across and save voice time. SitaWare Chat makes communication easier by speeding up communication flow. SitaWare Chat is integrated into all SitaWare C4I products and allows headquarters staff and commanders in the field to exchange free text, formatted messages, and attachments over tactical radio networks.

Chat HQ6



CBRN IRIS In Sitaware Headquarters 6

Military Messaging for Reports & Returns

SitaWare Headquarters supports the exchange of formatted military messages with both superior and subordinate units as well as with coalition partners. The user-friendly editor for formatted military messages in SitaWare Headquarters assists users in generating correct and unambiguous messages.



Dynamic Geo Tools

The dynamic Geo tools in SitaWare Headquarters make it easy to find Line of Sight, Area of Sight, Highest Points, and Range/Bearing within an Area of Interest by simply dragging locations on the map.

Sitaware Headquarters 6 Line Of Sight Geo Tool



Sitaware World Of Interoperability W736

SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Headquarters SitaWare Frontline SitaWare Frontline SitaWare Edge SitaWare Edge


Superior C4I Interoperability

SitaWare Headquarters offers a fully integrated top-to-bottom C4I solution that has been developed to provide joint interoperability capabilities, using a wide range of military and civilian interoperability standards such as MIP, NFF, Link 16, OTH-Gold and KML. 

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Google Earth

Export Recognized Pictures to Google Earth

Share selected elements of the Common Operational Picture (COP) with government, NGOs or other partners by sending a KML file that can be viewed on Google Earth, NASA World Wind, ESRI ArcGIS Desktop, or any other KML compatible GIS application.



Built-in Journal and War Diary

Keep an official record of events and actions taken with the Built-in Journal and War Diary feature. 

This feature supports both manually entered log entries and automatic entries created when specific actions or events occur in the system.


 Security Sitaware Headquarters 6


SitaWare Headquarters is designed for “System High Mode,” supporting both Access Control Lists (ACLs) and permissions, governing access to both functions and data based on user,roles, or rights.



And much more...

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