SitaWare Coalition Gateway

Built-in support for joint, coalition and allied interoperability standards

SitaWare Coalition Gateway is the interoperability component in SitaWare Headquarters that enables data exchange with allied and coalition partners, government agencies and NGOs.

SitaWare Coalition Gateway supports most of the current NATO and coalition interoperability standards, such as MIP, NATO Friendly Force Identifier (NFFI), NATO Vector Graphics (NVG), OTH-GOLD and Link 16 JREAP. It also supports commonly used civilian standards such as Google Earth Overlays (KML) and Automatic Identification System (AIS) used for tracking commercial ships.


SitaWare features an advanced data filtering mechanism allowing incoming data to be reduced to the specific area of interest (geographic filter) and specific tracks of interest (property filter). Filtering can help ensure that low bandwidth connections such as tactical radio networks are not flooded with extraneous information when the incoming data is forwarded.

Data Conversion

SitaWare Coalition Gateway is capable of converting track feeds from one data type to another, effectively allowing SitaWare to act as a gateway between two systems using different standards. The most common use of this capability is using SitaWare as an intermediary (gateway) between systems using MIP Block 2 and systems using MIP Block 3 since SitaWare is capable of simultaneous communication on MIP Block 2, 3.0 & 3.1.

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