SitaWare WebCOP integrated into SitaWare Headquarters

We are pleased to announce that the powerful web-based capabilities of SitaWare WebCOP have been integrated into the newly released next generation SitaWare Headquarters version 6.0.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

SitaWare WebCOP users can now enjoy the intuitive, state-of-the-art user interface of the next generation SitaWare Headquarters (version 6, released October 2014),  whilst using all the powerful features of SitaWare WebCOP in a fully web-based platform. For improved efficiency, no browser plugins are needed to run SitaWare Headquarters 6.

This enables SitaWare WebCOP users to make full use of their current web-based capabilities, whilst also benefitting from the modern user interface, technology and future developments of SitaWare Headquarters.

At the same time, the unification of the two clients increases the flexibility of users to scale the system to match their needs in a single unified high performance client.

Learn more about SitaWare Headquarters 6 here

Support for SitaWare WebCOP

SitaWare WebCOP will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future but new capabilities will only become available in SitaWare Headquarters 6.

Please contact us for more information on upgrading to SitaWare Headquarters 6 or for information on SitaWare WebCOP.

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