Our Mission: SYSTEMATIC innovates, produces and delivers cutting edge command and control software, and provides world-class training and support to simplify crucial decision-making in demanding situations.


Our Vision: SYSTEMATIC is a leading provider of reliable Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence (C4I) integration software through an Open Architecture.  Our software solutions help simplify critical decision making. We are SYSTEMATIC.




Systematic, Inc. is a Virginia corporation that has mitigated our foreign ownership through a Special Security Agreement between the U.S. Government, Systematic, Inc. and Systematic A/S, Denmark.

That agreement calls for the appointment of outside directors who, in conjunction with other U.S. based officers of Systematic Inc., comprise a Government Security Committee.

The Government Security Committee has the responsibility for overseeing the company’s compliance with U.S. Government Security and Export regulations, and meets regularly with U.S. Government oversight agencies to provide feedback on that compliance.

Systematic Inc. is therefore able to supply products and services to the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Homeland Security on some of the Nations most sensitive programs.

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Software company Systematic headguarters in Aarhus


Since our foundation in 1985, we have developed into an international IT company that focuses on five core business areas: Public & Private, Healthcare, Defence, Intelligence & National Security, and Library & Learning

A common feature of all these sectors is a need to integrate, compare and analyse large volumes of complex data, and to generate an overview that allows decision-making based on a solid foundation, often in critical situations.

The Systematic Group has offices in 11 countries Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the USA. Furthermore we have partners in 15 countries, and is certified to CMMI Level 5. 

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Quality, efficiency and predictability mean the world to Systematic - because it means the world to our customers. It is our strategic goal to continuously improve quality, efficiency and predictability in our development processes. 

Cmmi5 Certified Again Again UK

Explore our group website where we explain how our agile approach to software development enables us to create reliable and user-friendly products and solutions for our customers at a fixed price and within budget.  


As a privately owned and financially robust company, Systematic has the opportunity to think and act from a long-term perspective.

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The credit assessment company Dun & Bradstreet has given Systematic its AAA rating – the highest D&B rating available. Our customers and business partners can be sure that we are here tomorrow as well. Learn more on our group website.


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