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IRIS Forms

Simplify the exchange of mission-critical information with formatted military messaging.

Managing the communication flow

Ensure mission success

The transmission of accurate and valid military information and orders is necessary for operational success.

Optimize personnel allocation

Automated message standards save time and manpower, allowing users to focus on more demanding tasks.

Enhance ally interoperability

Standardization of communication enables allies to conjointly reach strategic and tactical objectives.

Key benefits

IRIS Forms is a world-leading, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product used by many nations in their command-and-control (C2) and military message handling systems (MMHS) for working with formatted messages.

IRIS Forms offers full compliance with the complete message catalogue from NATO APP-11 as well as USMTF, OTH-T GOLD, ASMTF, and national messages adhering to ADatP-3, supporting messages in traditional slash-delimited and XML-MTF formats. IRIS Forms also provides full message catalog support for binary MIL-STD-6017, A+, B, C, and STANAG- 5519.

This makes IRIS Forms a perfect fit in a highly interoperable environment for orders, reports, requests, and situational awareness information on multiple tactical levels in land, maritime, and air services.

As it is easy to integrate with the rest of the IRIS suite, with the C4ISR solutions in the SitaWare suite as well as with third-part applications through our software development kit, IRIS Forms takes formatted messaging in the military domain to the next level. 

Multi-domain interoperability

By standardizing orders, reports, and messages, IRIS Forms allows you to communicate across domains.

Multi-domain interoperability

By standardizing orders, reports, and messages, IRIS Forms allows you to communicate across domains.

Compliance with message formats

IRIS Forms supports the complete message catalogue (MTF and VMF), strengthening interoperability.
Integration with the SitaWare suite

To optimise communication workflows, IRIS Forms integrates seamlessly with the SitaWare suite.

Consistent and correct data

With consistent data entry and transfer, IRIS Forms ensures timely and correct data distribution.

Automated processes

Automatically generating forms and validating content in IRIS Forms saves you valuable time and manpower.

Easy-to-use data entry forms

IRIS Forms comes with a compact, reader-friendly interface that only displays the forms to be filled in.

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