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IRIS Military Mail

Optimize military mailing procedures with a complete message handling infrastructure

A complete military email infrastructure

Simplify message workflows

Streamlining the communication processes in military operations is crucial to achieve mission success.

Minimize deployment costs

The existing infrastructure and familiarity of Outlook reduces maintenance and training expenses.

Secure message exchanges

Advanced encryption and authentication protocols protect the exchange of confidential information.

Key benefits

Information sharing is the lifeblood of virtually every modern organization – defense forces are no exception. However, standard corporate email and instant messaging tools do not satisfy military requirements for sending information between organizations and roles, rather than between named individuals.

IRIS Military Mail extends the familiar capabilities of the Microsoft Outlook, turning it into a Military Message Handling System (MMHS). IRIS Military Mail in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook enables incoming and outgoing messages to be handled in accordance with military procedures. Outgoing messages can be passed through a workflow that ensures the right authorisation for releasing messages. Similar incoming distribution rules may be used to ensure that messages are automatically delivered to the relevant roles for action and info.

Microsoft Outlook for military mail

IRIS Military Mail leverages the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Outlook to provide a complete military message handling solution based on a proven platform.


All military attributes included

With IRIS Military Mail, it is easy to extend your emails with military properties.

Optimized email workflows

Timely delivery and distribution of messages significantly reduces manual information management.

Interoperability with partners

IRIS Military Mail supports a variety of distribution protocols to enable cross-coalition communication.


Distribution management

By defining workflow rules, information sharing remains with only selected staff members.

Key features

IRIS Military Mail provides a complete message handling infrastructure based on the well-known Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, augmented with full support for military operating procedures. IRIS Military Mail seamlessly integrates with the rest of the IRIS suite as well as the C4ISR solutions in the SitaWare suite.

Below, we have gathered some of the most important features in IRIS Military Mail. We are also more than happy to give you a live demo of our solution and discuss how your organization could benefit from IRIS Military Mail.

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