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Battle management and unmatched tactical communications for the mounted commander

Unconditional tactical efficiency

Overcome tactical challenges

Surmount real-world C2 challenges on the modern battlefield with clarity, simplicity, and advanced capabilities.

Make faster decisions

A clear operational view assists in shortening the decision-making process in demanding situations.

Achieve mission success

Efficient communication at the tactical level is imperative for successful mission accomplishment.

Video: SitaWare Frontline

The contemporary operating environment is arguably more complex than it has ever been, but one aspect of warfare that remains constant is the priority that commanders place on force protection.

[Coming soon] Explore how SitaWare Frontline delivers incomparable situational awareness and tactical efficiency on the modern battlefield with capabilities like friendly force tracking (FFT) in the video below.


Key benefits

On the modern battlefield, the ability to outmaneuver and get inside an adversary's decision-making cycle is critical to mission success. The provision of accurate, clear, and current information enables commanders to shorten the OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), ensuring that mission critical decisions are based on correct and timely intelligence.

SitaWare Frontline provides commanders with comprehensive situational awareness and friendly force tracking (FFT), along with advanced planning and geo-analysis tools, effective chat and messaging, and a host of features that ensure that the system is easy-to-use and delivers an operational advantage.

As part of the SitaWare suite, the software operates seamlessly with the other SitaWare solutions – SitaWare HeadquartersSitaWare Edge, and SitaWare Insight – as well the military messaging solutions in the IRIS suite. This provides a unified command-and-control system from the dismounted soldier through to the highest level of command and ensures that commanders at all echelons have the latest battlefield information. And by employing the SitaWare Tactical Communication (STC) protocol, you can transmit large volumes of data across the battlespace – even when experiencing limited bandwidth and in challenging conditions.


Operational advantage for mounted commanders

Sensor integration and mission management tools bring tactical efficiency to mounted commanders.


Robust communication in challenging conditions

Receive and share vital battlefield information in denied or degraded environments with STC.


Increase situational awareness with real-time video

Combine map information with live intelligence updates and video data from drones or cameras.


Optimize the OODA loop

A clear picture of the battlespace shortens the command cycle for mounted commanders.


Benefit from a fully integrated software suite

A streamlined look-and-feel across all level of the battlespace enhances usability and reduces training needs.


Customizable capabilities

SitaWare Frontline is an off-the-shelf solution with an open architecture that enables external integrations.

Key features

Along with comprehensive situational awareness, SitaWare Frontline delivers a range of mission management and planning tools that give commanders an operational advantage. Furthermore, as part of the SitaWare suite, SitaWare Frontline is compliant with the MIL2525 for symbology and ADatP-3 messaging standards through integration with IRIS Forms, enabling information sharing with other systems, coalition partners, and NATO member countries.

Delve into some of the most important features in SitaWare Frontline in the section below. We are also more than happy to give you a live demo of SitaWare Frontline and discuss how it can benefit your organization.

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