The company for the North American activities of Systematic Inc. was incorporated in the U.S. in 1997.

Special Security Agreement

Systematic, Inc. is a Virginia corporation that has mitigated our foreign ownership through a Special Security Agreement between the U.S. Government, Systematic, Inc. and Systematic A/S, Denmark. That agreement calls for the appointment of outside directors who, in conjunction with other U.S. based officers of Systematic Inc., comprise a Government Security Committee. The Government Security Committee has the responsibility for overseeing the company’s compliance with U.S. Government Security and Export regulations, and meets regularly with U.S. Government oversight agencies to provide feedback on that compliance. Systematic Inc. is therefore able to supply products and services to the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Homeland Security on some of the Nations most sensitive programs.



Systematic Inc, USA



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Rafael Torres joined Systematic Inc. as a senior manager in 2013 after a 26-year career in the U.S. Army. In 2015, he was promoted to Vice President, Business Development. In 2016, Mr. Torres was promoted to his current position as President.


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Executive Vice President.

Brandon Ryan is the Executive Vice President for Defence Operations at Systematic Inc. He is responsible for a wide range of assignments covering project management, requirements gathering and analysis, budget and resource management, and client management.




Systematic Inc, USA



Steve -Boutelle -US-page -imageOutside Director and Chairman of the board. 

Steven Boutelle served as the Chief Information Officer and G6 of the U.S. Army, responsible for the Army’s worldwide use of information technology. He established the Army Knowledge Online portal and the Defense Knowledge Online portal to provide streamlined access to content for 6 million defense users. Through an IT portfolio management program, he reduced the costs of IT systems and applications by half.

Boutelle is a recognized leader, technology evangelist, and mentor. His career in the U.S. Army is marked by a consistent record of adopting new technologies and streamlining processes to improve productivity and enhance collaboration. He led the U.S. Federal Government in implementing “Secure Network Logon,” with 98 percent of 1.2 million Army users adopting Common Access Cards. He also led compliance with the U.S. Office of Management Budget Criteria and President’s Management Agenda, with 100 percent compliance for two years.


Raymond Palumbo

Outside Director
Lieutenant General
United States Army

Ray Palumbo is a founding member and senior partner of Venturi Solutions, LLC, a company that delivers winning solutions in the global security, aerospace, intelligence, and energy sectors. Ray is a retired US Army Lieutenant General who served thirty-four years leading conventional and special operations forces during peacetime and combat. His last job in the military was as the Pentagon's Director for Defense Intelligence, a position in which he simultaneously led the department's Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Task Force. Today, Ray advises executive leadership teams and serves as a board member for several leading companies in the aerospace and defense sectors. Ray has a bachelor's of science degree in general engineering from West Point, a master's of science in administration from Central Michigan University, and a master's of strategic studies from the US Army War College. 



Andrew -Gramham -US-page -image

Inside Director and Member of the board.

Group Senior Vice President,
Business Development,






Inside Director and Member of the board.

Group Senior Vice President,
Product & Services,






Larry 2017Outside Director and Chairman of the Government Security Committee.

Larry Wentz is an independent consultant and Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy, National Defense University. Wentz has an Associate in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, a BSEE from Monmouth College, and an MS in Systems Engineering and Operations Research from the University of Pennsylvania, Moore School of Engineering. He has completed the Executive Management Program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School and the Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government Program for Senior Executives in National and International Security.




Systematic Inc, USA



Juanita Diggs US Page ImageTreasurer.

Juanita Diggs joined Systematic in January 1997 and is the Senior Manager Operations. She came to Systematic with contract and administration skills gained while working as a Subcontractor to Lockheed Martin for eight years. She manages the financial department, human resources, contract administration and security as the Facility Security Officer. 


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