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Systematic, Inc.

Jun 19, 2023

A modern upgrade of Army and Marine Corps Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS) run through the Systematic SitaWare suite of command and control tools would capitalize on built-in modularity, improved user experience, and the automatic integration into the Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE) to deliver unparalleled capability

Innovate Faster, field better products quicker, leverage across all assets in the battlespace - in a complex world these are the keys to preparing today’s force for the unknown battlefield of tomorrow.  But how does the modern Warfighter beat the challenge of fielding a force today to defeat the threats that not even the enemy has developed yet?


This question is at the heart of a recent request for information (RFI) posed by the US Army’s Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications-Tactical (PEO-C3T) Project Manager Mission Command (PM MC), with specific focus on the US Army and Marine Corp Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System (AFATDS).


Fortunately, Systematic’s SitaWare suite of C4ISR tools is uniquely positioned to make AFATDS capable of meeting future threats through a combination of agile modularity, increased user experience, and the ability to seamlessly integrate across differing military branches and allies across the world. SitaWare brings unparalleled ability for integration and coordination across both joint and combined environments, delivering the ability to plan complex effects with the full context of SitaWare's holistic Common Operating Picture (COP). 


One of the key components of the US military’s current battlefield C4ISR system, AFATDS is specifically oriented to planning and coordinating lethal and non-lethal effects across the battlefield. The primary automated fire support C3 system for both the US Army and Marine Corps, AFATDS has been ubiquitous in tactical operations centers across the globe for the conflicts of the past two decades. Proving to be a robust and capable system, AFATDS has integrated with similar systems in both joint and combined environments in their current form.


Acknowledging this past utility, standing still in the face of developing threats is not an option and even a proven system like AFATDS has capability for even greater utility to grow in proportion to the demands of the future fight. From conventional forces preparing for force-on-force battles to special operators formulating responses to a range of threats from state and non-state actors, a modular and upgradeable tool is required that can deliver faultless performance even when asked to work across often complicated joint and combined environments. SitaWare is this tool.


Built-In Modularity

Systematic’s SitaWare suite of tools is modular by design, with the concept of tool agnostic, server-based architecture as the foundation and not as an afterthought. The JAVA code base of SitaWare, combined with Systematic’s Open Architecture model allow for agile and accurate maintenance and ability to develop and field upgrades to meet the demands of future operational needs.


Improved User Experience

SitaWare’s multiple options of fully integrated C4ISR solutions means that AFATDS (which is already supported in SitaWare) can be employed wherever the user best sees fit. From ultra-tactical employment of the SitaWare Edge in dismounted units at the battlefront to ‘big picture’ operational command offered by SitaWare Headquarters, AFATDS can ride on the robust SitaWare framework to offer users true shared situational awareness across the battlefield. To learn more about the full scope and scale of the SitaWare suite of tools, please explore Systematic’s Virtual Showroom to see the multi-domain functionality.


Automatic Integration Combined with Robust Engineering

As the prime software lead for the US Army’s Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE), SitaWare is the backbone for the future of battlefield command and control systems. An AFATDS built into SitaWare effortlessly gains the leverage of automatic integration across the future fielded CPCE, and SitaWare’s backwards capability to previous versions of AFATDS means the fires command and control ecosystem can be pulled forward into modernity from the start. This integration capability also allows for the easy integration of new munitions and platforms into AFATDS, with corresponding utility available across the SitaWare suite of tools. In addition to its JAVA code base, SitaWare is fully able to support Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) and so offers AFATDS a clean ladder rung for updates now and in the future. A SitaWare AFATDS would not only be able to address future problems, but robust engineering would allow for the correction of legacy ‘bugs’ and issues that have been unresolved. Finally, SitaWare has always been fully compliant and able to utilize MIL-STD-2525D modern military graphics across all its tools.


In short, SitaWare and AFATDS make a natural pairing to provide both an operational picture to commanders and the corresponding tools to employ the full range of effects to defeat the enemy in any environment. Systematic’s SitaWare provides the ability to innovate faster, field better products quicker, and integrate broadly to keep AFATDS capable of meeting threats on the future battlefield.


For more information about how the Systematics SitaWare suite is ideal match for AFATDS, please click here or contact Systematic for a demonstration.

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