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Systematic, Inc.

Jul 10, 2023

Systematic’s in-depth publication on the challenges of the modern maritime operating environment highlights SitaWare’s capability.

Operations in the maritime domain are by their very nature complex, presenting commanders and planners with a multitude of challenges to overcome. In no other environment can a force be called upon to deliver a potential mix of surface, sub-surface, anti-air warfare operations - sometimes all three simultaneously. Add to this the multitude of missions a commander may be called upon to execute, ranging from naval fires, special operations support, amphibious operations support, humanitarian relief or counter-narcotics operations. 

Taken together, these challenges amount to a true multi-domain, three-dimensional operating environment that requires the ability to process information quickly and accurately, parse this information into an actionable plan, and the capability to disseminate this plan across echelons of command both up and down as well as laterally to supporting units. The job isn’t done then either, as the nature of maritime operations means that almost certainly many of these supporting elements will be multinational coalition members, likely using differing platforms and presenting the challenge of overcoming language, and organizational dissimilarity.

In this most critical of operating environments, the margin for error in a commander’s Command and Control (C2) system is non-existent - the variables are too many and the threats too existential to allow for any but the most robust of C2 solutions. Systematic’s SitaWare Maritime suite is the tool to actualize true multi-domain C2 capable of meeting complex threats with no loss in interoperability across multi-national partners.

As a tool, SitaWare Maritime is a true force multiplier, delivering solutions today that far exceed legacy systems and providing the agility to meet new demands through its open, modular software architecture. Taken all together, SitaWare Maritime delivers versatility and value to a commander that not only exceeds current fielded C2 systems but also even those currently still under development.

It would be impossible to give full discussion to challenges briefly mentioned above and how SitaWare Maritime rises to meet them in a short read, which is why Systematic has created an in-depth eBook detailing just how SitaWare Maritime matches up to solve these complex problems to deliver world class C2 solutions to a naval commander. SitaWare Maritime: Take Maritime Operations Planning to the Next Level lays out even more of the complexity of the naval operating environment and just how SitaWare can minimize inefficient processes, reduce the opportunity for error, coordinate across echelons, and deliver in even the most constrained of operating environments.

Within this publication, naval commander and staffs will learn even more about how Systematic has created a cohesive and resilient tool to enable C2 in a manner that improves operational planning, facilitates the command cycle for full effect, and cuts through the challenges of communicating across the wide proliferation of messaging formats and mediums. The eBook illuminates the pitfalls facing modern naval staff and just how SitaWare Maritime has been built to overcome them. From the need for cohesive C2 across Task Forces and domains, to the unique open modular architecture employed to keep SitaWare Maritime capable of meeting any demand, a reader will find thoughtful discussion in this publication.

Detailed discussion of how to improve the command cycle is included, with emphasis on SitaWare Maritime’s Toolbox of Operational Planning Tools that enable real-time collaboration, complete with leading visualization and briefing tools along with tactical decision aids to assist a commander to understand the operating environment. Of special note for those who have experienced the frustration of ineffective communication in demanding operating environments is the deep discussion on the IRIS Forms solution and other data integration capabilities, which can not only streamline messaging processes but also effortlessly translate across 16 different message formats employed by US and coalition partners across areas of interest around the globe. 

And lastly but still just as vital, the robust communication capabilities of SitaWare Maritime are highlighted, with emphasis on how Systematic has artfully leveraged not just the ability to use the SATCOM, UHF and VHF mediums that are the mainstay of modern communications (and therefore also most likely the first to be targeted for denial by any near-peer competitor) but also the unique capability to use HF comms to maintain vital links in most any operating environment. 

The modern naval commander faces a true three-dimensional, multi-domain operating environment, with the requirement to be prepared to execute against multiple mission sets simultaneously and with any combination of coalition partners. The challenges posed by this requirement are real and must be met with a well-trained force, well led by commanders armed with the best C2 tools at their disposal.

For a detailed study that will reward readers with a fuller understanding of just how to meet these challenges, please download Systematic’s Sitaware Maritime: Take Operational Planning to the Next Level. Policy makerswill always rely on the Navy to safeguard and secure national interests across the globe, and learning more about Systematic’s industry-leading tools will only help to improve the effectiveness and capability of maritime forces, whatever challenges lie in the seas ahead.

For more information about the Systematics SitaWare Maritime suite in addition to the eBook, please click here or contact Systematic for a demonstration. 

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