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Systematic, Inc.

Jul 27, 2023

Go in-depth on the potential for AI to revolutionize C2 on the modern battlefield with Systematic’s latest eBook “5 Advantages of AI on the Modern Battlefield”.

The next evolution of the modern battlefield has already begun to take shape and it will look dramatically different from any previous conflict.  The rapid development of diverse, integrated sensors feeding into centralized hubs – the ‘Battlefield Internet of Things’ envisaged by the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) system – will lay open the potential for commanders to have unparalleled visibility of the battlespace to a magnitude and timeliness unthinkable to previous generations.  However, with this promise of utility comes the potential for the age-old ‘fog of war’ to become a full maelstrom of jumbled raw data, conflicting sensor tracks, and a plague of intelligence of questionable value. 

A robust C2 sensor integration system will require robust tools to collect, parse, and integrate data into actionable intelligence to give commanders the decisive edge in battlefield awareness. 

Systematic has recognized this pressing requirement and is leading the field in designing and integrating a full collection of innovative AI tools to their SitaWare suite of C2 systems to meet the challenges of the modern battlefield.  From machine learning to decision support tools and more, Systematic’s SitaWare suite leverages the latest developments in AI to provide true operational advantage to all echelons.

To help drive discussion and raise awareness of the potential of AI to be a force multiplier for commanders, Systematic has authored an informative eBook on the benefits of AI, 5 Advantages of AI on the Modern Battlefield.  This work lays out a concise discussion on the multiple ways in which a commander will be able to lean on AI to improve processes and increase operational effectiveness.

Highlighting the challenges presented by Multi-Domain Operations (MDO), 5 Advantages of AI on the Modern Battlefield dives deep into the benefits Systematic’s SitaWare suite develops through its integrated AI tools, including:

The ability to handle vast amounts of complex data.

The promise of JADC2 lies within the ability to coalesce an enormous amount of data from almost every aspect of battlefield to build effective MDO effects.  This will require the ability to process data at a magnitude and complexity which would swamp traditional processing methods.  AI holds the promise to not only process these large and varied data streams but also to integrate them at a speed to maximize value to the commander.

Operational planning support.

From terrain analysis to route planning, AI already has the capability to deliver valuable tools for increased staff effectiveness.  And AI has the potential for even more utility as a decision support tool in specific use cases unique for each domain and echelon conducting MDO. 

Focus on conducting an operation rather than managing systems.

Head off ‘information overload’ before it becomes a problem by using AI tools to access, sort and analyze data seamlessly and with the minimum amount of valuable time spent on process tasks as opposed to actioning intelligence. 

Emulation of Human Capabilities.

The greatest latent potential of AI lies in its use to match and perform tasks in a manner a human operator would accomplish them.  Intelligence tasks like processing imagery data or establishing pattern of life on a target are prime examples of where AI would excel with processing speed and accuracy greater than currently available. 

Speed of Action.

By its nature, AI speeds processing time and reduces manual steps which would previously have delayed possibly critical information from being translated into actionable intelligence.  Taken with the advent of cloud infrastructure, AI can offer these advantages down to even the most tactical level and, conversely, ensure tactical information flows upward at pace.

For all these reasons and more, it is easy to see why AI will prove critical to any commander attempting to conduct multi-domain operations on today’s battlefield.  Even so, there are challenges that all forces must be clear-eyed about when considering AI implementation.  Key among them is ensuring reliable access to data even when faced with austere or contested communication environments, validating data collected along with the underlying processes with which AI uses to process them, and creating trust in the AI tools employed up and down the command chain.

It is an exciting time for professionals who are invested in building, fielding, and employing complex C2 systems.  AI is a transformative innovation with near boundless potential to change the way the battlefield environment is processed and understood.  For those who want to learn more about this exciting development, Systematic is pleased to offer 5 Advantages of AI on the Modern Battlefield to help increase awareness and drive discussion around the potential benefits of a C2 system with AI integration.

For more information about the Systematics SitaWare suite in addition to the eBook, please click here or contact Systematic for a demonstration.

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