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Systematic, Inc.

Sep 25, 2023

Systematics eBook “10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dismounted Battle Management System” leverages the lessons learned from multiple partners and subject matter experts to help leaders build a potent, distributed, and resilient battlefield Command and Control (C2) system.

The rapid and wide proliferation of battlefield C2 technology is one of the most revolutionary advances in modern military operations, with individual soldiers now capable of being equipped with hardware and software tools capable of functionality, which even just a generation ago would have been unimaginable at echelons below full command staffs.  This layered and latticed network of C2 systems comes at the same time as commanders are tasked with operating in increasingly complex environments to accomplish missions that by their nature will require orchestration of remote units across geographies and multiple domains. 

With this competing race between capabilities and requirements, it has never been more important for warfighters to devote real intellectual effort to formulating their system requirements and selecting the optimal Battle Management System (BMS) to balance capability, functionality, and the ability for growth to meet future threats.  With this effort in mind, Systematics is proud to offer its latest eBook publication “10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dismounted Battle Management System” as a primer to some of the most salient discussion points when considering this integral part of any modern military. 

Starting with the individual soldier as the system platform, this eBook focuses on Dismounted BMS as a foundational building block for both BMS as a whole and the corresponding operations and intelligence software platforms.  Recognizing the value of lessons learned not just internally but also from other pioneers in the field, “10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dismounted Battle Management System” highlights recent studies from the United Kingdom and Australia in addition to Systematic’s own subject matter expertise to distill ten succinct ‘waypoints’ for selecting your next BMS:

  1. Soldier Architecture:  Adapting for the future soldier

  2. Radio Integration: The impact on end-user devices and sensors

  3. Remaining Lifespan of Android devices

  4. Device storage capacity

  5. Communicating data and information

  6. Mission Configuration and Re-Configuration

  7. Keeping information flowing whether mounted or dismounted

  8. Training as you fight

  9. Management of software across multiple devices

  10. Trying before buying

Taken as a whole, these considerations can help guide the discussion needed for commanders and their teams to dive deep into selecting the right system to suit their current and future needs.  Whether as the base for an experienced team of C4I professionals to deliver in-depth recommendations or as the starting point for a command seeking to solve a problem they have just begun to explore, “10 Considerations for Choosing a Dismounted Battle Management System” can help. 

Take for instance the first consideration ‘Soldier Architecture’.  Here you can lean into the work of recent studies to define 3 fundamental key points for any dismounted BMS: Optimal integration requires standardization of both the software and systems, interfaces need to be user-friendly, and the BMS should be the hub for all associated equipment.  This concise distillment accurately lays the groundwork for any consideration of any BMS selection and can provide the beginning of a rigorous selection process.

From strategic considerations down to acute tactical factors, Systematic’s eBook has insights to offer.  How can a fielded operational force deliver critical software upgrades to multitudes of devices without disrupting operations?  Are dismounted BMS at risk of losing connectivity when mounted inside armored vehicles and how will that affect situational awareness for the leaders of those elements?  And perhaps most front of mind, how can we mitigate the threat of obsolescence?

Systematic prides itself on the C4I intelligence software and hardware solutions it has provided to the US and key allies but isn’t content to rest on its laurels.  “10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Dismounted BMS” is a prime example of the thought leadership of the Systematic team as it seeks to help its partners deliver the most effective tools to meet the challenges facing modern multi-domain operations.   

For more information about Systematic’s SitaWare suite operational planning and intelligence software tools, please click here or contact Systematic for a demonstration.

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