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Systematic, Inc.

Oct 25, 2023

Systematic Sitaware Suite, after a rigorous testing and approval process, is now on the approved products list, enabling easier procurement and ready deployment at full scale

A memorandum issued by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), dated 16 September 2023, designated SitaWare suite as a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product on their approved products list (APL), after successful testing by DISA's Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC).

The approval is pivotal as the software suite may now be procured autonomously by individual commands. It also includes a software development kit, along with an open architecture, which allows users and equipment manufacturers to facilitate development of their own add-ons and any integrations of new technology to meet their mission and capability requirements.

This also paves the way for a seamless integration of a wide range of Command, Control, Communications, Computers Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) data and intelligence to deliver a comprehensive common operational picture to battlefield commanders. In addition, as part of its approval, SitaWare received cybersecurity tools certification.  This is especially important as it delivers an assured capability that is certified against cyberattack. This is vital at a time when the electromagnetic spectrum and cyber domain have become increasingly contested in modern warfare.   

Specifically, the SitaWare suite includes SitaWare Headquarters, SitaWare Frontline, and SitaWare Edge:

SitaWare Headquarters - is a C4I system with an accessible, user-friendly toolset for commanders at fixed or static headquarters, or in a joint operations center. Headquarters is potent and scalable software that significantly increases operational flexibility, reduces deployment time, while providing extensive interoperability capabilities.  SitaWare Headquarters is also the software infrastructure for the Command Post Computing Environment (CPCE). This is crucial to the operational headquarters staff, providing only relevant information with advanced command and control tools.

SitaWare Frontline - is critical battle control software designed by and for frontline commanders in tough environments. It addresses real-world command and control challenges at the frontline with rapid updates of friendly force tracking (FFT). FrontLine may be used by vehicle-mounted troops vehicles for full situational awareness and planning, and as a battle management system that is compliant with all the latest standards.  It is fully interoperable with other systems, coalition partners and NATO member countries.

SitaWare Edge- is designed for the dismounted commander at the tactical edge and provides C4ISR support at the forward line of control.  Edge is delivered on an Android Device and may be used with SitaWare Frontline and SitaWare Headquarters to provide a unified C2 system from the tactical edge to the highest levels of command. The software's simplicity offers the commander fast and clear friendly force tracking (FFT), along with tactical situation and intelligence overlays. It also employs SitaWare Tactical Communication (STC) - a network protocol optimized for low bandwidth, high latency tactical radio data communication supporting IP as well as non-IP radios. This communication is shared between users of Edge (dismounted), SitaWare Frontline (mounted) and SitaWare Headquarters systems, affording networked command and control and shared situational awareness across the chain of command, from HQ personnel to the dismounted commander at the tactical edge.

The latest DISA approval and its inclusion onto the APL facilitates easy procurement by other units and commands across the US Department of Defense.  Being on DISA’s APL is a boon to the many warfighter commands who require it and will greatly enhance interoperability across services and other allies among SitaWare’s userbase. SitaWare Suite is used in over 50 countries by many organizations including the US Army, Australian Defense Force, NATO, the United Kingdom, and Germany, meaning that there is a solid user-base to exchange ideas and support development. 

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