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Systematic, Inc.

Apr 27, 2023

Leverage true Shared Understanding of complex operating environments through SitaWare’s proficiency in multi-domain situational awareness, with built-in interoperability to maximize effect and efficiencies.

The revolutionary advances in information management--speed of access, breadth of sources, and sophistication of tools--are some of the greatest strengths we possess on the modern battlefield. However, these advances create an unintended consequence--the potential for information overload. The sheer quantity of data available can delay decision-making, increase operational complexity, and potentially add confusion to the battlespace.

To be agile, adaptive, and resilient, militaries must have the ability to make critical decisions based on accurate, real-time information. These decisions require full, multi-domain situational awareness and tools that automatically deliver the most timely and relevant information to the commander.

The recognition of the challenge brought forth by the constantly increasing degree of operational complexity is doctrinally recognized in the latest iteration of the US Army Field Manual 3-0, the US Army’s capstone document for operations. Within FM 3-0, the demands of fighting and winning a modern conflict require a knowledge and mastery of multi-domain operations. 

Systematic’s SitaWare suite of C4ISR solutions is uniquely positioned to help today’s military leaders navigate the challenges of the modern battlespace and harness the potential across operational domains to support decisive operations.

The SitaWare suite—in addition to being the C2 ‘engine’ underpinning the U.S. Army’s Command Post Computing Environment—has extensive heritage across domains. From NATO members utilizing SitaWare in a maritime role to help build a Recognize Maritime Picture (RMP) in the Black Sea, to  real-time battle tracking in the Indo-Pacific for the Australian Army, to enabling the Irish Armed Forces with a Common Operational Picture (COP) and integrated C2 across land, sea and air, SitaWare is at the forefront of C4ISR Multi-Domain Operations (MDO).   

Recognizing the challenges presented by accurately understanding a multi-domain operating environment, FM 3-0 lays out the first operational imperative bluntly: see yourself, see the enemy, and understand the operating environment. In the modern battlespace, critical advantage builds to the commander who can ‘see’ friendly and enemy disposition in relation to the operating environment quickly and accurately.

Even more valuable is a shared understanding amongst allied and joint elements–the dissemination of ‘seeing yourself, the enemy, and the environment’ to permitted command posts, mounted and dismounted users across the battlespace. This shared understanding strengthens common purpose and increases the likelihood of success when operating in complex MDO environments.

Shared understanding is at the core of the SitaWare suite—with situational awareness and interoperability as first order principles. From the highest headquarters to mounted platforms and to the dismounted operator at the edge, SitaWare is designed to gather information from—and disseminate information to—all corners of the battlespace.

As the US Army recognizes the doctrinal importance of knowledge of the battlespace in FM 3-0, it goes even further to prescribe tactical implementation of this imperative through its FM 6-0 (Commander & Staff Organization & Operations). Specifically, it underlines the importance of using Knowledge Management and Information Management to “…to create shared understanding within the force and with unified action partners. Essential to command and control (C2) is the shared understanding and appreciation of the operational context and the commander’s intent by multiple participants” (FM 6-0, section 5-2).

Herein lies the concept of the COP – a resource to allow shared understanding amongst friendly elements to best coordinate operations within an operating environment.

The idea of a COP is not new. It is the same concept of any commander who has had an impromptu briefing with a map on the hood of a tactical vehicle or who tracked enemy formations as accurately as possible with grease pencils on acetate map sheets. What has changed is the speed of reporting, the range of information sources, and the technology with which to process and use this information. Modern commanders are bombarded with raw information from across the battlespace at a staggering rate. It would be easy to swamp a staff section with just the task of organizing this information and let slip by the chance to process the information into actionable intelligence with which to operate decisively.  

Compounding this challenge is the nature of today’s environment, which is almost always Joint or Combined, likely both.  This means differing standards and operating procedures, not the least of which is how information systems talk across nationalities and domains.

Facing this challenge head-on, Systematic’s SitaWare suite, combined with our IRIS Military Message Handling System (MMHS) suite, works to streamline the input and throughput of information from a range of sources and reporting from across the functional areas of  operations and intelligence. Fully integrated by SitaWare, this builds a COP with fine detail on both the ‘Blue and Red’ composition and disposition. Further, the IRIS suite of software allows for deeply interoperable connectivity for users of SitaWare – bridging the gap between numerous operators and messaging systems in seamless manner to go beyond just a COP to  a ‘Common Data Picture’ (CDP) lying underneath it all.

This concept of CDP, made possible by the built-in interoperability of SitaWare and the IRIS suite, means in future operations a commander will be able to focus less on the joining of incongruent and chaotic data feeds, and more on fusing and forging this data into actionable intelligence for decisive operations. The underlying ease of data translation provided by the CDP means less time ordering, vetting and sorting information and more time making critical decisions enabled by a complete picture of the operating environment.

SitaWare enables allied interoperability via our Coalition Gateway. This is real interoperability and the dream of every commander – a true picture in every direction shared from every echelon across alliances and through every domain.

Just as exciting is the potential of even more functionality, interoperability, and warfighting effectiveness going forward for the SitaWare suite. At Systematic, we continuously improve SitaWare, adding new features to further enhance functionality and ease of use. The integration of operations, intelligence, fires and other combat support functions into a ‘single pane of glass’ puts an ever increasing span of critical information and capability into the hands of commanders faster and with greater effect than ever before. 

There is no time to rest when attempting to have complete battlespace awareness. But with a battle management system like SitaWare, there is also no reason to fear the challenges either.

For more information about how Systematic’s SitaWare suite can help understand the battlespace, please click here or contact Systematic for a demonstration.

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